I See Red

A frantic twin stick shooter roguelite where you play as an outlaw, traversing the infinitely dark space in search of revenge.

PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox, Epic Games
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Year 2621

[ The infinite black space ]

[ Near the biggest star of Andromeda ]

You are searching.

You are hunting.

You will take your vengeance.

You have failed once.
Get stronger.
You will not fail twice.

He will pay.

No. He cannot pay.

He could never repay you.

He can never be forgiven.

He will die.

Ship by ship.

Bullet by bullet.

Body by body.

Scar by scar.

Leave no place to hide.

Revenge is coming.
You are coming.

No weakness.

No time to waste.

No mercy.

Only RED.

I See Red


Different weapons. An entire arsenal at your disposal. Find the right tool for the job.

Destructible scenarios. Once you are done, the room is completely changed by your actions. Paint it all red.

Bionic arm and hook. Grab weapons, grab objects, grab enemies. Get close to them. Execute.

Rage mode. Increase your rage, and unleash it at the right moment to become an unstoppable force.

Flying between spaceships. Search, raid and destroy every ship in your radar until you find what you are looking for.

Power-ups. Every level makes you stronger. Find the right ones, find your perfect fighting style.


I See Red is full of enemies, weapons, scenarios, and no battle is equal to the ones before. See the game through its art.

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